5 1/4" 1.2MB Freesco HOWTO

Yes, it's still possible to use freesco if you have only 5 1/4” 1.2 MB floppy drive.

You have to make a specially prepared floppy disk.

  • Download MSDOS special floppy drivers fdform18.zip
  • Unpack archive, you need only 2 files: fdformat.exe and fdread.exe
  • Make sure you fdd a: set in bios as 1.2 MB floppy type
  • Boot msdos
  • Load fdread.exe
  • Insert blank floppy and type: fdformat a: t80 n18 h2

you may need to format few floppies before you find one which will be formated w/o errors using rawrite make a freesco disk as usual

  • Reset your computer and now set in bios 1.44 MB type for floppy A:
  • Save changes and reboot
  • Have fun with freesco

The fdread18 ZIP archive can also be downloaded here

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