Howto install FREESCO on VMWare

Freesco on VMware. Ideal for testing and getting to know the software.


Quick Howto

  1. First create a new virtual machine in VMWare.
  2. Remove the SCSI harddisk if present.
  3. Add a new IDE harddisk.
  4. Use a DOS boot floppy to startup in DOS and use fdisk, format c: and sys c: to get the virtual IDE disk prepared for freesco.
  5. Copy the file pcnet32.gz from the modules disk to the /drv directory on the freesco floppy. This is the virtual network card in VMware.

You can add a virtual floppy drive and connect the file freesco.035. This is the freesco image file that is found in the freesco zip file.

Now you can boot from the (virtual) freesco disk and install the router.

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