Built in modules v0.3.4

The following drivers are already built into FREESCO, and therefore do not need installing from the modules-034.zip. If your card is not listed below, then download the modules-034.zip from the same location that you aquired freesco-034.zip

driver Cards supported
ne ISA NE2000 and clones, and some PCI NE2000 clones.
ne2k-pci * Most PCI NE2000 clones, including rtl8029
3c509 3COM 3c509, 3c509B, 3c529, and 3c579
3c59x * 3COM 3c590, 3c595, 3c900, 3c905, and 3c905B
rtl8139 * Realtek 8129/8139 based PCI cards
tulip * DEC 21040, 21041, and 21140 based PCI cards.
smc-ultra SMC Elite Ultra (8216), SMC EtherEZ (8416)

* There are later versions of these drivers you may want to try, in the \FREESCO-034\modules-2.0.39\net\new-net\ directory in the modules-034.zip, which support newer versions of these cards.

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