3. Installation

3.1 Download

FREESCO 03x is distributed as a ZIP archive freesco-03x.zip1) and a seperate modules-03x.zip archive with additional network and other drivers.

The main site for the FREESCO archive distribution is:

If you have a NIC that is supported by the default kernel, see drivers.html then you do not need to download the modules-03x.zip, although it is recommended to get this archive because it contains usefull information an maybe a newer driver for your network card.

You will need a tool like WinZIP or FREE WinZip alternatives to extract the archive to a temporary directory.

What's in the archive?

File Description
date-linux.unix.tgz A time client for linux/unix machines to synchronize with FREESCO's time
date-w32.zip A time client for win32 clients (command line).
dnsmasq-1.17.tar.gz Source tarball of the caching DNS server of FREESCO
drivers.html This file describes the various hardware