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FREESCO and any servers running. The banlist.cfg has been replaced with restrict.cfg to clarify the b... and 4MB ram disks would install. The 2MB ram disk has been removed with these two new additions along w... other than for /tmp directory space. This change has also raised the minimum memory requirement to 20M
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is the most popular and how many visits the wiki has. --- //[[|dingetje]... Upgraded DokuWiki ==== The software for DokuWiki has been upgraded to the latest release. ==== FREESC... ped, but we're good to go again. A new data disk has replaced the one that was showing signs of "bad"
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0.2.7 Plug And Play HOWTO ====== FREESCO 0.3.x has Plug And Play built in, it can be enabled through... multiple card entries (e.g. a sound card usually has it's own joystick port, MIDI port and several chi... deal settings and may not even work as no account has been taken of whether they could possibly conflic
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had been able to produce this document. Dingetje has Ledow's documenation [[ FREESCO support forums has been an invaluable information source when puttin... s a menu with several choices. Only the following has to be changed: **Loadable module support**: Ent
freesco:howtos:how_to_create_an_add-on_package: 7 Hits
Lightning </code> The **//package//** script now has created the complete directory structure, as well... ripts smaller. Let's have a look what the script has done: <code> [Linux] ls -la drwxr-xr-x 3 root ... # This just prints done regardless. Which killall has no exit code. } str() { [ "`fn2`" ] &&
freesco:howtos:installing_nic_s: 6 Hits
er cards) or by using a DOS utility. If your card has jumpers, you must find the manual for the NICs wh... ed, information about the IRQ and I/O of the NICs has to be entered in FREESCO. This is done using adva... are, see the sources for details. # This software has NO WARRANTY, use at your OWN RISK # # For details
freesco:howtos:repack03xto04x: 6 Hits
ill not really be possible later. Once the above has been completed you need to look through the 03x i... pt and see what special things the install script has done and translate that script into the new 04x i... sions of the install script. One main s