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s is simply a description of how I did it. If you have any comments on the document, please don't hesita... robe. The picture below shows my home network. I have a FREESCO and a switch and behind that my LAN. I have two PC:s and the Zipslack machine. I can operate the Zipslack either from its keyboard or from
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self so I could help my old man get going. If you have any comments on this "tutorial", find errors or have tips, don't hesitate to contact me ( We are going to set up a router which connec... ntium with 64Mb ram and a small HD. The PC should have two NIC's preferable PCI (this is what I use).
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rk will possess a single network interface (and have a single IP number as a consequence), this is n... things happen. Computers and other devices can have several (if not many) network interfaces - and ... with 6 active interfaces (such as a router) w