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co Official Website ==== * Freesco Main sites : and * Sourceforge project : * Sourceforge download : http://fre... ==== Freesco Kernels ==== * * ht
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or more info take a look at the Gallery homepage: ==== Restrictions ==== Unf... sing of Jhead((jhead is available for download at * Lossl... ((It's better to download a suitable kernel from Another package
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he latest version of this article can be found at ===== Introductio... his document. Dingetje has Ledow's documenation [[ I found it. Of course, the FREESCO support forums has been an invaluable info
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all patches ==== In the FREESCO support forums ( new patches are announced. ... or more information about denying ftp users see [[ ot This approach was suggested by Thasaidon in [[
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For 95% based on Dingetje's Freesco/phpBB2-howto:\\ T... For more info take a look at the phpBB homepage: ==== What do I need? ==== **Free..