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freesco:howtos:howto_configure_xinetd: 12 Hits
This section highlights some of the more commonly used options. === Logging Options === The following l... f.\\ Below is a list of some of the more commonly used logging options:\\ * **ATTEMPT** — Logs the fac... RATION** — Logs the length of time the service is used by a remote system (log_on_success). * **EXIT**
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NIC or using the DOS utility. I have successfully used IRQ 10, 11, 12 and I/O 0x210, 0x300, 0x330. ... ll rows are commented out so none of this will be used by your FREESCO. What needs to be done is to edit... use\\ The file shows that address 0x0200 will be used for this card: <file># (IO 0 (BASE 0x0200))</file
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ng from a hard drive, (assuming you've previously used move2hdd) type: **router.bat setup** at the C:\> ... **setup**//. The only exception is that the modem used for the dialin server cannot be autodetected if t... if}}\\ A standard internal or external modem is used to dial an ISP at up to 56k. An internal modem mu
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w to set up a development environment that can be used to compile and package applications for FREESCO. ... lso work, but I believe Zipslack is most commonly used and hence focused here. [ [[setting_up_an_develo... op ]] ] ====Limitations==== This document is focused on how to set up the development environment; it
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etwork for new machines anytime MAC addresses are used in the restrict.cfg file. /bin/backup Script Usa... ry Usage: brcfg -enable This binary should NOT be used