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> utils package for freesco 0.3.x, GNU tools and other essentials
  Posted: Jan 10 2003, 02:16 AM
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[Linux] pkg -i
Installing...                           utils_1.0_dingetje
Do you want to view the install/uninstall script (y/n) [n]?
GNU tools and other essentials
Checking versions...                    Ok
Checking required temp space...         Ok
Checking required disk space...         Ok
Checking dependencies...                Ok
Checking if package is installed...     Ok
Checking for existing libraries...      xxxx

Existing libraries to be over written

***-- This package is officially unaproved at this time --***
***-- loading this program could damage your system --***

Do you want install this package (y/n) [y]? (843K)
/boot/3080~/utils_1.0_di  [########################]     843K |  758.94K/s
863266 bytes transferred in 1.12 sec (754.10k/sec)
Unpacking utils_1.0_dingetje.tgz .. Done
This package contains the next tools:

which    - shows the full path of (shell) commands
gzip     - compress/decompress file(s)
nslookup - DNS name lookup
tail     - output the last part of files
tar      - archive tool
vmstat   - show system info
zip      - compress file(s) into ZIP archive
unzip    - decompress ZIP archive
who      - shows logged in users
whoami   - who am I?
nice     - run a process with lower/higher CPU priority
cut      - Print selected parts of lines from each FILE to standard output
ldd      - show library dependency for a program
nm       - list exported symbols in a lib
bzip2    - compress/decompress file(s)
chroot   - run a program within a different file system root
rc6crypt - encrypt/decrypt file(s) with a key
tee      - read from standard input and write to standard output and files
tr       - translate or delete characters
cmp      - file compare
ftpget   - get file(s) from FTP server from commandline
fuser    - identify processes using a file or file structure
head     - output the first part of files
random   - random numnber generator
uniq     - remove duplicate lines from a sorted file
vi       - typical *nix file editor, requires getting used too...
wc       - word count of file(s)
printf   - commandline printf() funtion
wget     - get stuff from HTTP/FTP
pavuk    - see wget
strip    - strip binaries from (debug) symbols, leaving smaller files
fromdos  - strip ^M from DOS formatted files
dff      - zipslack df command, can also show free inodes (dff -i)
md5      - calculate MD5 checksum for a file
smtpclnt - simple SMTP mail client, send mail from commandline
tolower  - convert file name(s) in current directory to lower case

Most show a short usage message when called with --help or -h,
i.e. wget --help or fromdos -h

All tools are installed in /pkg/bin.
Successfully installed...               utils_1.0_dingetje

Because I've added rather big binaries like wget, pavuk, nslookup, tar, strip and ldd this package is only for HDD based FREESCO 0.3.x boxes.
The package does not have an rc script, all tools install directly into /pkg/bin which is in the search path.
When uninstalled all tools menitoned above and it's "man" page are removed.

Enjoy cool.gif

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