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Posted by: java Jan 24 2011, 10:16 AM
My freesco-box (v 0.3.8), running on CF-card, nicely mailed all logs to my mail account until that day my "mail provider" changed their smtp port to 587. Is it or how is it fixable. Yesterday I upgraded to the latest (v 0.4.3), still running from floppy. It would nice to have mail-log-service in order.

Posted by: dingetje Feb 2 2011, 11:49 PM
It seems Lightning has forgotten to add a setting to define the SMTP port number.
It is possible however, because the mail function is based on a command line SMTP client called (wait for it) smtpclient

You can see that this client supports SMTP port number by running the client with option --help:

Usage: smtpclient [options] recipients ...

Message Header Options:
  -s, --subject=STR      subject line
  -f, --from=ADDR        sender address
  -r, --reply-to=ADDR    address for replies
  -e, --errors-to=ADDR   address for errors
  -c, --carbon-copy=ADDR address to send a copy
  -A, --extend-header    don't close header

Processing Options:
  -S, --smtp-host=HOST   host MTA can be contacted via SMTP
  -P, --smtp-port=NUM    port MTA can be contacted via SMTP
  -M, --mime-encode      MIME-style translation to quoted-printable
  -L, --use-syslog       log errors to syslog
  -u, --username=USER    username for SMTP auth
  -p, --password=PASS    password for SMTP auth
  -a, --authmode=TYPE    authentication mode: PLAIN, LOGIN or CRAM-MD5

Giving Feedback:
  -v, --verbose          verbose logging
  -V, --version          display version
  -h, --help             this page

You best contact Lightning via the official forum for the best way to add that -P 587 option. Port 587 is an alternate port that can be used for outgoing mail messages only. It may require user/password authentication too (you'll need to check with your "mail provider"). Of course you can experiment with the smtpclient via the command line, where the -v option can be helpful to debug

The client does not support SSL because that would also require the OpenSSL libraries on the floppy.


Posted by: java Feb 21 2011, 01:57 PM
Thank You for Your quick answer and sorry for me being lazy. I've been looking in the scripts a little and found this line in the /bin/email script, towards the end: ''[ "$EMLSVR" ] && serverchk $EMLSVR 25 >/dev/null || erit "$KM"''. I was thinking of just to replace the 25 after $EMLSVR with 587, but then it occured to me that this wouldn't survive a reboot, am I right?
Then I started to try to mount the floppy with ramdisk file to my rel. modern ubuntu system(10.04) to look in the expected email script. After lots of googling I realized that ubuntu wouldn't support umsdos file system these days, so I just copied the file to my system and after renaming I was able to ungzip it and mount the ramdiskfile as loopback. I looked into the /bin directory and there where supriseingly few files in it and couldn't find any email script in the ramdisk file. Where does all files come from when they finally end up in the live system of freesco. I will post the original question to the official forum.Thank You for Your work with freesco.

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