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Topic: LPRng & Samba?, Can anyone help?  
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As a matter of fact I have just switched my HP Deskjet 840C shared printer from my Win2K to the freesco box using the LPRng and Samba packages.

I will only post the relevant sections of the smb.conf and printcap file here:



After making these changes (where hp840c is the desired queue name, and /dev/lp1 the parallel port the printer is attached too) type these commands:

[Linux] cd /mnt/router/packages/lprng/sbin
[Linux] checkpc -V -f

Sample run:

LPRng-3.8.12, Copyright 1988-2002 Patrick Powell,
Checking for configuration files '/mnt/router/packages/lprng/etc/lpd.conf'
 found '/mnt/router/packages/lprng/etc/lpd.conf', mod 0100644
Checking for printcap files '/mnt/router/packages/lprng/etc/printcap'
Checking for lpd only printcap files '/mnt/router/packages/lprng/etc/lpd_printcap'
DaemonUID 0, DaemonGID 0
Using Config file '/mnt/router/packages/lprng/etc/lpd.conf'
LPD lockfile '/var/run/lpd.515'



#Printcap Information
Checking printcap info
Checking printer 'hp840c'
Checking directory: '/mnt/router/packages/lprng/spool/hp840c'
  directory '/mnt'
  directory '/mnt/router'
  directory '/mnt/router/packages'
  directory '/mnt/router/packages/lprng'
  directory '/mnt/router/packages/lprng/spool'
  directory '/mnt/router/packages/lprng/spool/hp840c'
 checking '' file
 checking '' file
 checking 'status' file
 checking 'log' file
 checking 'acct' file

This is using the verbose mode, when you ommit the -V checkpc does it's work silently (unless a real error exists).

Now test run the newly added queue by sending a test file with the lpr command. If you're at this stage you're halfway through!


       path = /mnt/router/packages/samba/var/spool
       #  ---  do not use the Samba default path = /tmp
       print ok = yes
       printing = lprng
       load printers = yes
       printcap name = /etc/printcap
       guest ok = yes
       print command =       /bin/lpr  -U%U@%M -P%p -r %s    
       lpq command   =       /bin/lpq  -U%U@%M -P%p    
       lprm command  =       /bin/lprm -U%U@%M -P%p %j    
       lppause command =     /bin/lpc -U%U@%M hold %p %j    
       lpresume command =    /bin/lpc -U%U@%M release %p %j    
       queuepause command =  /bin/lpc -U%U@%M stop %p        
       queueresume command = /bin/lpc -U%U@%M start %p    

Save the changes and type rc_samba restart
Make sure the spool directory exists and is owner by root, then type:

chmod 1777 /mnt/router/packages/samba/var/spool

Next browse your network and look for the queue name on your freesco box (hp840c in the example).

Adding a queue on the windoze box is peanuts now. A test job should print.

Here are some more tips:

Note: it's also possible to have your freesco samba server provide the printer driver for various windoze platforms. How to do this is described online (use Google).


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