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Howto for SSI via CGI
Howto SSI using CGI

Howto Server Side Include using CGI

This page describes howto use Server Side Include or SSI using a special CGI program. The advantage of this solution is that it will work with almost any HTTP daemon with CGI support.

I've made a small tarball with the required binary (ssi.cgi) and a small demo, this is how you install it:
[Linux] cd /www
[Linux] snarf (6K)
ssi.tar.gz [########################] 6K | 2541.91K/s
6864 bytes transferred in 0.00 sec (1352.79k/sec)
[Linux] tar -zxvf ssi.tar.gz
[Linux] rm ssi.tar.gz

Now point your favorite browser to or if you don't have a dyndns domain name, then use the IP address of your FREESCO box to view the page, e.g.

The page should look like this

The page to create this code looks like this

The HTMLized man page for the SSI program can be found here

And here is a tutorial to explain SSI in more detail.

Written for FREESCO by dingetje
Last edited: November 8, 2005 18:39


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